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Music From the World Of Plants

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on May 9, 2013 by Michael Theroux

Several years ago (1996), I produced an album of “plant songs” entitled, PLANT TONES, Music From the World of Plants. At the time I was conducting experiments on plant response to explantsternal stimuli using a galvanic skin response detector coupled to an audio oscillator of my own design – all based on the work of L. George Lawrence (See The Secret Life of Plants). This would render the plant’s responses to specific environmental conditions in a somewhat musical presentation. This work eventually was recognized by the SciFi channel, and an episode of “Sightings” was dedicated to the research I had been working on.

Shortly, we’ll be transferring the entire album of plant music from these experiments¬† to digital media (currently, they are on cassette tapes), and we’ll post them here. Here it is