Music From The World of Plants

It takes a bit of time for these to render….they are all here:

Ya Yigh (Philodendron Scandens)

Ya Yah Yaah (Shefflera Actinophylla)

Clocks And Waves (Rhoicissus Rhomboidea)

Hay Ya Lay Yia Ya (Shefflera Actinophylla)

Walking (Monstera Deliciosa With Shefflera Actinophylla)

Experimental Dialogues Plant Conversation (Two Philodendron Scandens)


9 Responses to “Music From The World of Plants”

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  2. fantastic work. Very exciting to hear our plant brother & sisters with the “outer” ears… deeply confirmative of the “inner” sensory apparatuses…. sweet. Love & Gratitude

  3. Do plants sleep? Can they communicate if they’re sleeping?

  4. I think the titles of tracks 1 and 2 are mixed up.

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