Music From the World Of Plants

Several years ago (1996), I produced an album of “plant songs” entitled, PLANT TONES, Music From the World of Plants. At the time I was conducting experiments on plant response to explantsternal stimuli using a galvanic skin response detector coupled to an audio oscillator of my own design – all based on the work of L. George Lawrence (See The Secret Life of Plants). This would render the plant’s responses to specific environmental conditions in a somewhat musical presentation. This work eventually was recognized by the SciFi channel, and an episode of “Sightings” was dedicated to the research I had been working on.

Shortly, we’ll be transferring the entire album of plant music from these experiments  to digital media (currently, they are on cassette tapes), and we’ll post them here. Here it is


2 Responses to “Music From the World Of Plants”

  1. Hi, Michael!

    Mi name i s Denis. I found in internet the scheme of plant response detector. It s your scheme?

  2. freshearth77 Says:

    I am interested in experimenting with this instrumentation from an agricultural perspective. Please advise.

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