Rhythmic Formative Forces of Music

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Download the book here:  Rhythmic Formative Forces of Musicimg_4927-modified-2

by Michael Theroux

©1995, All Rights Reserved

Chapters include:

1. The Formative Forces of Music
    Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony

2. The Nature and Meaning of Intervals
     The Artistic Experience in Music

3. Alchemy, Counterpoint, and Projective Geometry
    The Weaving of the Stone

4. The Evocations of Eric Zann
    Musical Experience in Forbidden Dimensions

5. Duende
    The Etheric Thread of Music

6. Of Language and Song
    The Eido-Dendritic Experience of Composition

   Vertical Euphonies in Time – Michael Theroux
   The Eidophone Voice Figures – Magaret Watts Hughes
   Sound in Relation to Health – Horace Leaf

The Ever-Changing Face of Social Media, and Why I’m Done With It

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The Ever-Changing Face of Social Media, and Why I’m Done With It


“Why Things that Worked Yesterday Don’t Work Today”

by Michael Theroux

I LikeIt seems that every day something that worked yesterday on your social media page does not work today. They don’t even tell you that they are changing anything, it just stops working. Meanwhile, after much time trying to figure out why it no longer works, you find the answer: you have to pay for that service to work now. The social media moguls are controlling your existence on their sites in so many ways on a daily basis – they spam updated EULAs frequently, so if you want your social media page to work as it previously did, you must “accept” their demands. Much of what they demand gains further control of your online presence. Your security and privacy are the least of their concerns and it becomes more relaxed with each offering of change.  The worst part of this is how each social media site tries to interact or blend with other social media sites. They do not want to work together and do everything in their power to make the blending experience for the “user” one of complete frustration.

Many social media pundits simply predict that when one popular social media outlet oversteps its consideration for the user, they’ll be discarded in favor of some upstart social media site. This just isn’t
the case any longer. Yes, MySpace was dumped by users in favor of Facebook – a clear example of this prediction – but, Facebook continues the practise of bitchslapping its users – and all seem to just shrug and comply. So, you want to sync the music events your band has for the summer from the music social media page to your personal social media page, no problem….just click here! Well, if at first it worked (and automagically posted all the events to your personal page, suddenly now it doesn’t work, and you don’t know this because they don’t inform you of it. You only realize it isn’t working after it is too late….the event has passed. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really have time to keep up with all the unannounced changes. It’s not that important to me anyway. My life does not purely exist online – more so, I have an abundant and meaningful life outside of this carefully crafted data-collection festival that is social media.

In February of 2013, the contemporary media theorist, Douglas Rushkoff stated this in his article, “Why I’m quitting Facebook,”

It (social media) does things on our behalf when we’re not even there. It actively misrepresents us to our friends, and worse misrepresents those who have befriended us to still others. To enable this dysfunctional situation — I call it “digiphrenia” — would be at the very least hypocritical. But to participate on Facebook as an author, in a way specifically intended to draw out the ‘likes’ and resulting vulnerability of others, is untenable.”

There’s much more about the insidiousness of social media platforms in his article that can be read here:


I’m with Mr. Rushkoff, and I’ll be dumping most if not all of my social media connections within the week. If you wish to contact me, use the email address listed on this page.

Peace, out.

Michael Theroux

Tuning into the Music of the Spheres with Michael Theroux

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This video interview was conducted on 6-7-2014

M. Illness Project on SoundCloud

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The M. Illness Project on SoundCloud:

M. Illness


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Solo Albums:

Inventions of Harmony and Dissonance (1990)
Mundus Subterraneus (1992)
Plant Tones (1995)
Deros (1997)
The Belly of a Whale (2003)
Drumstick Jacket Outcry (2004)
The Hasenpfeffer Crucifixion (2006)

With others:

Music From the Borderlands (with Michael Riversong) (1997)
Earth Tones (with Gerry Vassilatos) (1998)
Fly Tonight (with Molly Conrad) (2013)

Kali Sara

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Knuckle Dust Trudge…

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A new composition using NoteFlight and TwistedWave apps exclusively.


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