Zoot Allures Acoustic

by Frank Zappa

One Response to “Zoot Allures Acoustic”

  1. robert wade fitzner Says:

    Appleton loved Frank. As a young man he loved shaking your hand and hidden in his hand he concealed a silver metal buzzer thing . It was a wind up toy that made a noise when you shook his hand. Old soles in town will verify this claim, that Frank Zappa liked to Zap you. I think that his real last name was different than Zappa. And as always, the cool info about neat talented people came to me on a cybernetic level. I believe in my heart that Frank spent lots of time in the underworld of Appleton Wi or just to the east in Kimberly or a little south from there and he also experimented to create healthy human embryos. Farmers do this with live stock and have been doing it for well over 1000 years. I have a spool of wire somewhere and the knots in the wire are a code for a persons name. It sure would have been nice if Franks real name was encoded in the wire but I think that while I was astroprojected one day back in the late 80’s to spell the name with knots on the wire, i might have spelled out my name instead.

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