Exploration Science

Exploration Science was created as a repository for exploratory research on the topics of Ether Physics, Biotechnology, Electrical Theory, Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Plant Research, Radio Science, Alternative Energy, and more. Today there are many emerging fields of scientific endeavor, and while many apply a purely quantitative methodology, a qualitative analysis is included as well. With that stated, all research must be substantiated by reproducible results.

Exploration Science was founded by Michael Theroux, former director of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (1995-2000). Mr. Theroux began working with BSRF in 1987 under the directorship of Thomas Joseph Brown, and became Director himself in 1995. During his tenure as Director, Theroux orchestrated and conducted several research projects, many of which continue to this day.

All research reprints, articles, reports, and white papers found on explorationscience.org are free of any charge – the site is dedicated to open collaborative effort among researchers in all of the affiliated sciences.

(Unfortunately, explorationscience.org is no more…most of the work should be archived at aetherforce.com)


One Response to “Exploration Science”

  1. Saw your name in Vassiloatos’ book. And was looking to learn what your method of generating rapid unipolar impulses was. Apparently it was quite effective and compact. I’m still learning… With the determination that the GEET reactor is a natural generator of compression wave/Aetheric wave energy that matches both the Earth and the Sun, capturing the waves is my primary interest in addition to filtering/shielding the waves once launched. The US has a black ops unit on standby that dispatches helicopters to the site of any broadcasting GEET reactor… not something I wish to call for coffee.

    I expect BSRF had much technology that would be useful. Has it all been lost, or just forgotten?

    With the collapse of the geomagnetic field, the technology may become essential to saving large populations of life on the planet.

    Can you help? Thanks,
    Bill Mundy

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