Rhythmic Formative Forces of Music

I just received in the mail, a long out-of-print library copy of my book, “Rhythmic Formative Forces of Music” that was published in 1995. While most of the work is authored by me – it contains appendices to include the works of Margaret Watts Hughes, and Horace Leaf – pertinent addendums to the work.

I will try to make this entire book available for download very soon.

img_4927 (Modified (2))Chapters include:

1. The Formative Forces of Music    Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony

2. The Nature and Meaning of Intervals
    The Artistic Experience in Music

3. Alchemy, Counterpoint, and Projective Geometry
The Weaving of the Stone

4. The Evocations of Eric Zann
Musical Experience in Forbidden Dimensions

5. Duende
The Etheric Thread of Music

6. Of Language and Song
The Eido-Dendritic Experience of Composition

   Vertical Euphonies in Time – Michael Theroux
   The Eidophone Voice Figures – Magaret Watts Hughes
   Sound in Relation to Health – Horace Leaf



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