Meetings with Remarkable Kooks

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4 Responses to “Meetings with Remarkable Kooks”

  1. Says:

    “”Best-Selling” [image: laughing_horse_.jpg]

    On Fri, May 31, 2019 at 12:58 PM Michael Theroux wrote:

    > Michael Theroux posted: ” Available here: ” >

  2. Charlotte E Thwing Says:

    Just for the record, Kirby Thwing is the name of a real person who lived in Holyoke, MA and had Joel Carlinsky as a student in junior high and stayed in touch with Joel throughout the rest of his life. He supported and encouraged Joel and was quite interested in his work of cloud busting. My father, Kirby Thwing, allowed Joel to use our address to receive mail.

    • Hi Charlotte, Yes, that info is in the printed version of the book. From what I was able to find on your father, he seemed like a genuinely great man. It’s too bad that Carlinsky used your father’s name when he was up to no good.

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