Meetings with Remarkable Kooks

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  1. In 1945 Meade Layne began publishing “Round Robin,” a small newsletter dealing with all types of paranormal phenomena, spiritualism, flying saucers and esoteric philosophy. This later developed into Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (BSRF). After many ups and downs, Michael Theroux, in 1995, became the fourth director and editor of the magazine, now called, “Borderlands.” Meetings With Remarkable Kooks is his autobiography, especially the five tumultuous years as director of BSRF. Theroux gives fascinating insights into the occult underground world of California and his meetings with both brilliant researchers in ”forbidden science” and the remarkable kooks, cultists and assorted weirdos attracted to these subjects. This work is an important contribution, documenting the history of BSRF. It is also a joy to read. The experiences and excursions of Michael Theroux makes him appear as something like the Jack Kerouac of the occult and paranormal. This is a book for iconoclasts, heretics and also the serious investigator of the mysteries of our world and existence.
    — Håkan Blomqvist, Librarian and Co-founder of Archives for the Unexplained (AFU)

    Michael Theroux weaves a most fascinating tale, highlighting some of the denizens of the cultural, scientific and philosophical borderlands one may encounter when they step beyond the veneer of “normal” society. From astonishing geniuses, with their unorthodox views that could transform our world if closed minds could but grasp them, through Mojave Desert crazies, who fortunately didn’t shoot, on to loopy conmen, whose motivations remain enigmatic, the reader will certainly gain mind-expanding perspectives into unorthodox streams of thought. Were it not for pioneers in the outré zones like Theroux, a most remarkable kook I have been honored to meet, life would certainly be more hackneyed and banal… and who wants that?
    — Thomas Joseph Brown, Senior Science Advisor, New Earth University

    This book is a blast! Lots of great stories from the edge.
    — David Hatcher Childress, Adventures Unlimited Press

  2. Jamieson Fletcher Says:

    Wohooo for woo-woo!!!

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